Dedicated to the memory of Kody Brown

This site is a tribute to Kody Brown, who was born in Luton on July 03, 2016. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Kody was born prematurely in 2016, he could not breath on his own, he was put on numerous breathing support and spent time in three hospitals.

Kody passed away at 7 months old.

I now raise awareness in Kodys memory on social media.#AwarenessForKody

Kody was born prematurely at 27weeks plus one day due to me suffering with a pregnancy condition called pre eclampsia. Kody was born in Luton and Dunstable hospital weighing 1lb 10oz. Kody could not breath on his own, he needed breathing support from bipap, cpap and low flow machines. As his lungs were so undeveloped Kody had steroids twice to help mature his lungs, he also needed to be tube fed as he would get too exhausted taking a bottle. Kody had lazer eye treatment for ROP. We was told on more than one occasion that Kody was very poorly and might not make it.

Kody was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital by ANTS to see if there was an underlying problem as to why he needed so much support. There wasn’t. Kodys lungs were ‘one of the worst sets of lungs’ they’d seen, his lungs were on the ‘worst end of the worst end scale’.

Kody was transferred back to Luton, he started becoming very poorly, and we was told he may not make it through the night, he needed to go to a lung specialist hospital.

Kody was blue lighted to The Royal Brompton Hospital, where he had an episode of Pulmonary Hypertension. Kody became stable and had a tracheostomy and a hickman line inserted. Kody started having episodes of pulmonary hypertension more frequently. He started needing help from another machine having nitric oxide. There was nothing else that could have been done. Kody tried every breathing machine and was on the highest pressures.

At 7 months old Kody, my baby boy, passed away.


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